Tyrel Johnson

Product Designer & Founder

I design digital products for startups that turn users into advocates, using my decade of experience as a designer and founder.

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A decade of experience in design.

Currently VP of Digital Marketing at Evercast. Extremely grateful to be part of a rapid-growing startup with a very talented team, working on such an impactful product.

Prior to Evercast, I spent 10 years doing freelance web/product design, and founded 5 different startups including:

  • Fitcliq – a consumer mobile app to meet people with similar fitness interests
  • SavvySumo – website platform for independent restaurants
  • ShotCrew – started as a productized service for product photography, now a talent discovery platform

During my freelance design career, I’ve helped design and launch over 15 websites, a handful of products, and recently (March 2020) completed a large design system and component library project for Trainual – a training SaaS startup in Scottsdale, AZ!


Product Design
UX Design
Design Systems
Rapid Prototyping
Landing Page Design/Writing
Marketing Automation





Custom UI Library &
Platform Redesign

For Trainual, I started by creating a brand new UI component library, bringing more of a clean, friendly feeling to the components. After the UI library, I redesigned the entire Trainual platform using the new style and components.


Web Application | UI/UX Design

After building ShotCrew for the better part of two years and learning a lot from our customers, I discovered the real opportunity and decided to pivot the product from a productized service, to a talent discovery SaaS. This design is of the MVP version of the product.


Conceptual UI Redesign

I’ve been an avid user of Spotify for several years, and thought it would be fun to take a stab at designing a new concept of the UI, using a light theme.

Ways to work with me.


This service is best for startups that do not have the budget and/or the needs for a full-time designer, or just want to know they have my help X hours per week. Think of this like a “pro designer as a service” subscription.

Time packages starting at $500/month


This service is best for startups that have a larger project and want me to dedicate my focus to them. I only work with one client at a time in this fashion, so I make sure we’re going to be a good fit before working together. If I have the availability (which I do as of 4/7/20), you get 40 hours per month dedicated to your project.

Typical projects this is good for are large application redesigns or building a complete design system.

Flat monthly fee of $3,000

Design Refresh

This service is best for startups looking to start with a fresh, new design – whether it’s a redesign of an existing product, or an entirely new product.

As low as $2,500

Companies I've designed for

You can't afford bad design.

First off, bad design doesn’t only mean visual design. Design is a carefully crafted combination of visuals and usability.

Bad design attracts fewer users/customers, increases frustration and churn, and hurts your brand. It reduces your chances of success, and re-designs cost more time and money. I am willing to bet that you would rather not attract a horde of users that turn and leave within minutes of using your app, scattering bad reviews across the web.

Avoiding discomfort is something we humans do on a conscious and subconscious level. It’s so ingrained into the way we operate, we barely notice it. Today, people have an abundance of choices and a limited attention span. If your product even “kinda” sucks, people will decide to take their time/money elsewhere, and a company that invested into good design will gladly take care of them.

Good design creates positive ROI. It makes customers happier, reducing churn and increasing revenue/profit which pleases investors, your team (and maybe your parents too). Your odds of success increase drastically by having a product your customers love to use.

Let’s work together to create a product your users love.

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