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Using my experience as an entrepreneur and designer hybrid, I help startups create beautiful products that stand out and make their users happy.

Hi, I’m Tyrel Johnson. Serial entrepreneur and product designer.

The combination of my experience in different roles enables me to approach business challenges from multiple perspectives. I am passionate and knowledgeable about all of the aspects of building great products, from UX strategy to UI design to functional prototypes. My mission is to help more startups succeed by creating products that their users love.

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Web Application | UI/UX Design

After building the MVP for ShotCrew and talking with customers, I realized that I needed to improve the end-to-end user experience for booking a photoshoot, from communicating style goals, to selecting talent. This design is specifically for the talent selection on the web application.


Conceptual UI Redesign

I’ve been an avid user of Spotify for several years, and thought it would be fun to take a stab at designing a new concept of the UI, using a light theme.

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UI/UX Redesign | Mobile App

Version 1 of FitCliq was great, but not fantastic. This redesign simplified the user experience when going through people that fit a persons search filters, with the goal of minimizing distraction and only communicating the necessities.


Conceptual Redesign | Mobile App

This is a modern take on a consumer-focused app enabling anyone to book a local private chef for a small party or event. This search screen enables the user to quickly swipe through the available options and click into each chef for more information.


Conceptual Redesign | Mobile App

As a daily user of Instagram, I thought it would be fun to redesign the profile page, implementing some ideas I thought would be a nice touch: a redesigned header that could be customized with a photo, and most importantly, a masonry-like photo grid with rounded edges so give the page a softer appearance.

Companies I've designed products for


I primarily work with companies on a retainer or flat-rate project basis. My base hourly rate is $100/hour, and is lowered with retainers.

My experience in entrepreneurship


Current | Design & Growth

Evercast is a video conferencing and high definition live streaming platform with virtually no latency. Our platform is used by the biggest studios in Hollywood and on award-winning shows and movies (e.g. Chernobyl), with teams spread across the globe. I lead a variety of projects, from design (web, UI, UX), to experimentational growth marketing.

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Past | Founder

ShotCrew is a managed marketplace that provides a scalable solution that addresses various pain points that brands experience doing product photoshoots for marketing assets. In about a years time, I vetted and onboarded a talent network of over 100 photographers and models, built the public-facing website/web app, and grew the business to profitability.

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Various D2C Brands

Past | Founder

My first few entrepreneurial ventures were “micro D2C brands” that I created in various niches including cutlery (CeramiPro), apparel (LuxxCulture), and meditation accessories. I sold two of these companies, but the third and most recent company (Embodi) remains a side project/hobby that I work on for enjoyment.

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